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“Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan has produced a wonderfully rich, nuanced narrative of Delhi's hip hop scene. Engaging with young men from India, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Nepal, The Globally Familiar is not only brilliantly and elegantly theorized but methodologically innovative and sophisticated. Combining the tradition of ‘hiphopography’ with digital production and participation, Dattatreyan's narrative not only bristles with insights about youth cultural production vis-à-vis race, masculinity, capitalism, and the global but also pushes global hip hop studies to the next level by demonstrating the power of sustained commitment to both the culture and those who produce it. The Globally Familiar is a rare gem.” — H. Samy Alim, David O. Sears Presidential Endowed Chair in the Social Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles

“A rich narrative of urban transformation told from the perspectives of young men on the margins of Delhi. This lucid ethnography illuminates how hip hop and digital media entangle cultural worlds and redefine classed masculinity. A riveting read with cross-disciplinary appeal, The Globally Familiar opens new perspectives about urbanity from below.” — Radha S. Hegde, Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University